Friday, November 22, 2019

November 22, 2019

Importence of Lemon

Seedless lemon money for 12 Months

No seeds inside. So the name is Sidless. During the 12 months of the year, the taste is almost like indigenous lemon, quite large in size, rich in juice, resulting in more sales in the market. Foreigner Nimai Chakraborty, a farmer from Jhinidah Kaliganj, has benefited from cultivating this type of lemon. He has been cultivating this type of lemon from the same garden and has been getting lemon for 3 years. He said other crops are far less profitable than farming. So there has been a lot of response in the area. Many people are risking this lemon farming for profit. Nimai Chakraborty is the son of the late Govind Chakravarty of Khalkula village in the upazila.

When you visit the lemon orchard of Neerai Chakravarty, the trees are much larger than the native lemon trees. Bamboo poles have been used to prevent the tree branches from falling around the ground. Lemons are different in each tree. Because a branch of the same tree can be seen lemon flowers or buds. In some, lemons have become smaller in size, and some have become larger to eat. This means that lemon is available from the garden all year long.

Farmer Nimai said that in 2012, the then agricultural officer of his union fed him five seedless varieties of lemon. Then bring it home and plant it in the back of the house. Then, after two years of leaving the branch, they started catching lemon. In the beginning, I didn't give much importance to lemon. Later, I saw that the five trees had lemon equivalent. We also sell some lemons from these trees to meet the needs of our family all year long. The lemons of this variety are commercially cultivated and I think I will be able to benefit. Thus, within 5 years, I made the saplings with a pen and planted 20 katas of high water on the adjacent river banks. Then with proper care, my seamless varieties of lemon became a full-fledged garden. Keeping the weeds of the lemon orchard clean, the niuepara stalks are tied with bamboo to raise them, without the labor of labor. However, because the garden is on high ground, it has to irrigate at other times of the year except the monsoon season. Because of this lemon perennial variety, it has to be harvested from the field at least 3 days a week, otherwise it will be wasted in pak.

Farmer Nimai Chakraborty also said that after planting only five saplings, we made a garden with that pen and planted it on 20 katha land. That's why I have to work hard. I have been selling garden lemon regularly for the last 3 years. Apart from the expenditure per year, the garden earns Tk 2.5 lakh from the garden. She said that many people in the village saw a lemon catching in my garden with a pen plant and planted it to meet the needs of the family at home. I myself have started a new pen to plant this kind of lemon in another bigha land in the future.

Kaliiganj Upazila Agriculture Officer Zahidul Karim said that sidewalks are a foreign variety of lemon. This variety is lemon perennial. If taken properly, lemon is available from a garden for a long time
November 22, 2019

Importance of Garlic

Importance of Garlic

zing interest of vampires in the mortals, garlic began to rise above the beds of the sick, thus chasing evil forces and disease.
Even today, in many rural houses, hangs shallow garlic that brings happiness. It can be placed under the bed and in general, in a more prominent place in the house for maximum effect. Some people even say that a garlic-to-the-head net at night even lowers blood.

Garlic cloves are attributed to miraculous powers. They can stop night urination, toothache, return the appetite of horses when we rub their gums with it and more.
There is also one recipe for weight loss: You put a clove of garlic on your navel and glue it with adhesive. It is carried around the clock to the desired weight loss, which will soon come soon.

The evening menu of Hecate, the ancient Greek goddess of death, was entirely garish. And since the goddess was engaged in magic, garlic has been associated with the occult world since those times.

Another factor that contributed to the attribution of the magical properties of garlic is its strong odor. There is a belief that claims that garlic is a strong antiseptic. But this is not true. His smell, on the other hand, drives unclean powers from afar. Others claim that it is the garlic smell that betrays the presence of evil or at least attracts it.
In Rome, before going into battle, the soldiers ate garlic. To this day, South American bullfighters wear garlic cloves in the arena. They believe that this will prevent the bull from throwing at them.

On Christmas Eve, everyone has to put a clove of garlic in their pocket to protect themselves from the evil spirits that come out then, for the beginning of the Bad Days. Through them, according to popular belief, are Karak on Shuli and other impure forces that try to harm people. Young children are hooked with garlic cloves on safety lapels.
Today, historians dealing with this issue conclude that garlic may indeed be able to stop an enemy attack, all depending on the amount you use.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

November 21, 2019

54 Fitness tipes which is used to Motivation

54 Fitness tipes whichis used to Motivation


1. Don't plan too big a plan. And stick your plans in the refrigerator or bathroom mirror.

2. The scale is just a machine that keeps track of your diet. Do not use it as a device to criticize your figure.

3. Take a picture of the before after. It will be a great motivation.

4. If you are successful on your diet, buy a new suit you would like to wear. And remind yourself of your goals by keeping them visible every day. It's also a good idea to reward small achievements with new exercise equipment.

5. Even if your goal is to lose 5 or 50 kilos, focus on losing 1 kilo. Setting micro goals is much more efficient.

6. Try to wear jeans once a week.

7. Keep people or things around you that can support your diet. Friends, family, fitness apps, dieting photos and more.

8. Create a wish list and accomplish it one by one. It will be your own success list.

9. Imagine how you want to look

10. Get rid of negative thoughts. Try to develop a positive mindset. Like training your muscles.

11. Find a partner who will lead your achievement.

12. Share your accomplishments with others through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

13. Don't blame yourself for losing a day of exercise or eating. You need to understand yourself and be generous. Because you are human.

14. Do a variety of exercises.

15. Including strength training, do not train on specific muscles for two consecutive days.

16. Record your momentum. If you use the app, your accomplishments will feel right away.

17. It is good to warm your body. The likelihood of injury is also reduced.

18. Have a workout DVD ready in case it is difficult to work out outdoors due to rain or snow, or when you are going to the gym.

19. Download the new fitness app. Here are my eight favorite apps.

20. You should exercise at least three times a week to sweat.

21. Do not exercise too much to feel irritable, nervous, or painful.

22. Do a weekly body weight exercise.

23. Stretch when your body is still warm after exercise.

24. Register your 5K running program.

25. Try our flank exercise.

26. Conquer the short exercise. If you only have 10 minutes, use 10 minutes wisely.

27. Use weights or bands that you can lift by hand when you are at home.

28. Inhale and breathe deeply when exercising. Oxygen is needed for efficient exercise.

29. Schedule your exercise as if you were making an appointment.

30. Have fun with your family at least once a week.

31. Add time, speed and effort to the next level of intensity.

32. Press the 'tilt' button or shake your arm hard when using the treadmill.

33. Take group fitness classes.

34. Eat fiber-rich foods such as beans, broccoli, avocados, bananas, and more.

35. Calories are so important in your diet. Check how much you are eating.

36. Keep a food diary. Find out what you are eating all day.

37. Natural foods are recommended. Eat foods from nature rather than packaged foods.

38. Eat healthy food with 'Slow Cooker' which makes cooking easy with a click of a button.

39. Stop soda. No carbonated beverages for diet.

40. Eat healthy fats like olive oil, peanuts and avocados.

41. I sometimes recommend luxury. Throw away all guilt.

42. Catch the blade and prepare food ingredients in advance. Preparing foods for vegetables, chicken, and salads in advance will make your life healthier and easier.

43. Add protein to your diet. Beans, quinoa, eggs, fish and so on.

44. Once you leave home, make a list of foods you can't tolerate without eating. And never eat those foods.

45. If you want a dessert, try a healthier dessert.

46. ​​Drink water all the time. Why not start your day with lemon water?

47. Fill your playlist with the music you love. Music is a great motivation for your diet.

48. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep

49. It is better to stand than to sit. If your job is primarily sitting and working, try to get up every hour.

50. Clear your mind and enjoy the tranquility.

51. Let's turn our dieting behaviors into everyday habits. The diet is temporary, but life is permanent.

52. Check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels regularly. If the numbers are good, it's proof that you're doing a good diet.

53. Stay in nature and clean the interior spaces for your mental health.

54. Follow fitness professionals on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

November 20, 2019

Why Sweet Potato Selected

Storage and Storage

This Fall-Favorite Root Vegetable TLC More Than With TLC

For many families, breastfeeding can only be complete without sweet spices with marshmallows and small fried pecans. But you need to make it a tougher, healthier tube once-in-a-lifetime. In addition to a bunch of casseroles, you can find fried beef, onions, onions, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes, dessert onions, and sweet potato soup. For the most part, you can find sweet potatoes, especially in a variety of dishes, in foods that replace white potatoes.

Sweet Potato Selection
The first class stay from January through January, but you generally have new stores in the year. Grocery stores are year-round breweries of the year, which may be kept quiet.

Choose cheesy cheeses with sharp, crisp shades to avoid any signs of stinging or staining. To get them, the starchy ones become smaller-to-medium-sized to look smaller.

The taste buds from the varieties of colored peppers with the deep green peppers are occasionally confused. You also have eggs. The darker shades of dark green may be lighter than gold or purple shades, making the body a starchier, greasy container, with a smoky taste as with the flavor.

Sweet Potato Storage
Except for the smaller white cats that are less aggressive, the cats are usually prone to malnutrition, except under ideal conditions, and injuries are more rapid.

Unfortunately, when the golden potatoes start, you can't remove the bad portion because the decision affects the whole pot's complexity.

Bring to room temperature (68 to 70 F), sweet potatoes for last week. For longer storage, you need a faster (55 F), faster, darker place with adequate moisture.

Under these conditions, sweet puppies lasted up to four weeks. Salted potatoes do not contain salt, which can be hard, unpalatable and flavorful throughout.

Feed sweet potatoes in a pan from baking sheet to baking sheet for four to five days. To drink the sweet potato slices, wrap them in half and place them securely on the microwave-plate. Cook the beans with a frying pan and microwave them for about two minutes, or until they are warmed up. Scrape down the smell of sweet potatoes, fragrant potatoes, and roasted potato fries for a smell of fragrance. Cover with aluminum foil and set aside to warm up.

To wrap the fragrant pastes of the cooking cloth, wrap them in a large, 1/2-inch container, then place freezing paper or plastic wrap over the face. Stay with them at F for 10 minutes at 12 ° F. You can have the rest of the chicken nuggets individually wrapped in them, then wrap and then wrapped in a zip-top freezer. For best results, best sells in the evening before you open them.

Sliced, mashed or smelled sweet potatoes can be dissolved in, thereby splashing water with lemon or some lemon or ascorbic acid.

November 20, 2019

What is the power to change society

 What is the power to change society?
The health boom will not stop. In recent years, health management has been promoted, and health attracts the attention of companies. Fitness is one of the essential elements for creating a healthy body. However, in fact, fitness has great potential to change society as well as to maintain and improve health.

For that reason, Kentaro Kohashi, a former professional wrestler who supports “Supporting Children's Cancer” and CEO of Fast Fitness Japan Co., Ltd. I talked to him

Increasing the fitness population increases the amount of social well-being
“Currently, Japan's fitness population is about 3% of the total. We want to raise this to 10%. One out of every 10 people is engaged in fitness on a daily basis, so it is natural to exercise. It will become a society, and more people will be able to maintain and improve their health, and they should be able to reduce health insurance premiums for the whole country. ”

Mr. Tsuchiya's vision is clear. We believe that increasing the fitness population will be a factor in improving society.

About 17% in the United States and 14% in the United Kingdom. In Europe and the United States, the fitness population exceeds 10% in many countries. Because the self-management concept has permeated, it is natural to protect your own health. On the other hand, in Japan, the way of thinking has not yet permeated, and an increase in medical expenses has become a social problem in a super-aged society.

“The benefits of fitness are wide. You can work out to create an ideal body or just refresh your feelings. Incorporating fitness into your daily life will make every day a little happier. It leads to a thing. "

What can be done is not only reducing health insurance premiums. If more people work on fitness that promotes not only physical but also mental health, the amount of happiness in society as a whole increases, and the stressed society can change.

Revise your health from your cancer experience
“Sweating works not only on the body but also on the mind. If you sweat, your head will feel refreshed. If you can refresh, your daily life should change.”

Mr. Kobashi has had a successful recovery from kidney cancer. Mr. Kobashi, who knows the preciousness of health more than anyone else, seems to want to share the joy of keeping healthy and moving his body every day with many people.

“I've always wanted to become a fitness gym owner. I chose Anytime Fitness from a number of fitness gyms because it ’s easy for users to use. I was attracted to being able to provide it. "
Fitness where sustainability is important. "Easy to do" is the point
Many people want to go to a fitness gym to maintain and improve their health. But there are plenty of reasons why you can't. The main reason is that there is no time, place or money. Until now, there have been few gyms where active working generations can attend.

“There were already a lot of yoga and circuit training studios popular with women, but surprisingly there was no place for men in their 20s and 40s to go to. But it really matched the needs of this class. "

Mr. Tsuchiya analyzes about the breakthrough of Anytime Fitness, which has achieved rapid growth with 500 stores opened in just nine years since its first opening.

Anytime fitness is often set up in front of the station on a small scale, so you can go quickly before and after commuting. Moreover, it solved the problem of having no time or place because all facilities in Japan and abroad can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, because it specializes in machine gyms and does not invest in luxury facilities such as pools and saunas, it is possible to use a comfortable gym at a relatively low price.

Now that the time, place, and money issues have been resolved, some may lament that the reasons for not doing fitness are gone.
Why fitness can boost more people and society
Anytime Fitness is working on measures to deliver as much happiness as possible by moving the body to as many people as possible. One of them is the introduction of “HIGH SCHOOL PASS”, which allows high school students to use the gym for free. In fact, many teenagers are worried about exercise, such as not being able to go to school and being unable to work out correctly due to lack of instructors and equipment

Since March 2019, the company has begun to run a universal design store to provide an environment where seniors and people with disabilities can have fitness. Stores designed in accordance with the guidelines of the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Public Health and Welfare, such as eliminating the steps in the gym, ensuring a wide enough space for the wheelchairs to pass each other, and installing a stilt stretch area that is easy to move from the wheelchairs Development. This will be developed experimentally from the Tama Center Store that opened in June 2019.

By providing opportunities and places for people who have not been able to go out psychologically and physically, it is possible to increase the number of people who have a bright feeling.